8 Best TikTok Hacks And Tricks You Should Know

TikTok is a fast-paced social media networking tool; you should captivate your viewers fast. Otherwise, they will go to another video. If you want to entertain your audience, share your dancing videos with them, it will assist them in familiarising themselves with TikTok tricks. Being creators, you should know the hidden features of this platform. Even though you are using this platform every day, you may not know about the hidden features inside this application. The platform has numerous beneficial features that help creators to leverage quality content. In addition to that, make use of SMM panel that helps you in growing your visibility effortlessly. However, if you use regular features, you may find it difficult to succeed on this platform. You can use different elements, from making a duet to creating a slideshow. Here you will find the solutions to hidden features employed in this application.

Enable Auto-Captions

Creators want to add captions to their videos by including text in the video. However, there is a chance of leaving messages between them, so move on to auto-captions. It will generate subtitles for all of your videos when you want to check the captions available for a particular video. First, you must check whether the captions are available in a specific video and open the share icon in the bottom right corner. You may observe the caption option in between the effects and duet.

Save Videos As Live Photos

The method of converting videos into wallpaper is different from platforms and conditions. To change the video into wallpaper, follow the steps below

  • On your smartphone, open the TikTok application, select the video you want to post
  • Tap on the “share” icon, Click “Live photo.”
  • Videos get modified into a live photo which can find in your app
  • You can set this as live wallpaper for the lock screen

An alternative method to save photo

  • Head back to settings
  • Choose the wallpaper link existing in the settings
  • Click on it to choose a new wallpaper

Avoid Record Button

It is not always easy to hold the record button to capture a video. Then how will you record the video? First, you can hit the time feature on the right. Next, you have to select the count downtime by setting the time from 3 to 10 seconds. Further, you can decide when to stop recording automatically, and to do this, drag the red line. After setting these credentials, start shooting your video. Here you can add music and stickers and apply filters and effects.

Fast Forward Your Videos

Even though you can create videos in the 15s, the 60s, and 3minutes, you may feel some videos are unnecessary, so you want to skip them. Users wish only to watch the juicy content others will fast forward, and they can rewind videos earlier. The new feature will not be present for every user and if you notice a white dot line, then employ this facility. Slide the white dot and rewind the video when you want to fast forward. The timestamp could pop up when you can go precisely by watching it.

Discover Page And Search Bar

Two magnifying glass icons discover and search bar simplifies users’ search methods. The magnifying glass in the lower tool par denotes the discovery. On the discover page, you can see tagged and trending hashtag videos. You can also enter specific terms to find videos, users, hashtags, and sounds. When the user wants to capture Tikcode, open a viewfinder by entering text in the search button. However, mainly these magnifying glasses work similarly, so you may not need two magnifying glasses. By using SMM services, you can maximize the chances of making your video get featured on TikTok.

Green Screen Effect

The green screen effect allows users to impose the images and videos in the background. It produces a large screen behind the object. The solid green colour makes it easy to remove the colour in production and easy to include whatever the video or image. When you want to hide the background in the meeting, make entertaining videos on social media platforms. You can use the inbuilt feature to provide the effect in this application. It provides an attractive visual appearance to the users.

Sound Effects

You will observe the sounds button in the centre top of the record screen. The platform allows you to select the list of songs and sounds that add more interest to your audience. Library adds popular songs and sounds from the users. You may use the search bar or swipe at the top of the screen to get the sound you want to add to the video.

Hidden Text On Screen

When you want to create a video, you should be very careful during the placement of your text. If you place text too far right then, it will get blocked by your profile picture. Likewise, the far-down text will stop the words with captions. Viewers may attempt to resign or leave the hidden images, but it is simple to block all the text on the screen.

Bottom Line

TikTok updates the application to improve the user activity, such as sound effects and a green screen to give a better look to your video. Record and upload a video with these features if you want to disable or undo these effects. You can add animal and musical instrument voices for audio effects. Whatever might change you make, it should increase your user engagement.

8 Best TikTok Hacks And Tricks You Should Know